We Survived the Survivor Melbourne Team Building Event

August 17, 2016

What a fun Team building event in Melbourne! We had the team from Domain join us for a "City Survivor" challenge.

Competing in a series of challenges in a park in the city the 4 tribes had to outwit, outlast and outplay each other as they used their problem solving skills, creative thinking and communication skills. The participating teams from Domain created a fair start from the onset of the games. Almost all team leads played it out strong with their members and was carefully guiding their teams through every challenge that we present to them.

Getting creative with their means of solving the problems was also a trademark that was observed by our facilitators while the teams were playing. They tried their best and got crafty with the puzzles and blindfols challenges. Creating good team experience while under pressure with the time and the challenges they face is a very good quality of the activity.

The teams battled it out for 3 hours with some challenges proving more difficult than others. The end result was a win for the White team and a great fun team building session for the Domain group. This has been a really fun Survivor Challenge for the team!


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