Importance of Team Activities and Celebrations

October 31, 2016

team building activities Australia

The need for belonging is a need that everyone attains when they are considered to be a part of a team. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this need is actually on the 3rd tile of the pyramid. This only goes to show how innate the need for belongingness is. As human beings, we are completely drawn to interact with each other in order to survive and this does not exempt the working or corporate environment.

An organization is basically built on the foundation of its members. And employee involvement plays a part in making sure that the company or organization flourishes into its full potential. So how does a company get its employee to participate or take part? By implementing team activities and event celebrations.

Team building Activities

A lot of team building activities Australia will foster your company’s employee involvement. There are a lot of activities that you can choose from when looking for a great team event. Team building is the perfect way to structure the different branches of your organization. It also serves as an avenue to train future leaders for your growing company.

Variety of activities in team events will enable your employees to discover their motivation factors. The trend nowadays for most employees is having enjoyable, fun and friendly competitions during team building sessions. The most known activity that will make your employees enjoy is the Amazing Race Challenge. This is an activity that gives everyone the opportunity to explore a certain location while solving challenges at every race stop.

Corporate Events

Other organizations prefer corporate events that will help foster professional growth within their company. The preference of such team development events is a great choice because it is considered to be a win-win situation for both company and employee. Honing the skills of your employees helps them be more efficient at work and at the same time increases your company’s quality of output.

These corporate development events coupled with different activities and celebrations may also serve as incentives for your performing teams. Team celebration is a way of relaxed socialization activity that will bring closer bonds within your company’s different teams. Keep in mind that your organization needs interdependence from its different departments and having this relaxed way of socializing outside the four walls of the office will give you your desired results.

The Need for Belonging

Human connections and interdependence is a necessary part of our existence. The need for affiliation will always be present in every organization. Your employees will function more effectively if they have the sense of belonging to your company. Driving that need to empower your organization's goals is a leader’s way to enrich the level of cooperation. Team activities and events are the way to get engagement from your members. You’ll notice the level of commitment which might have stemmed from the engagement that you’ve developed through different team events.

Most employees feel their value if the company asserts them through active team involvement events. In an organization composed of many employees, one has to find his value to continue working for the common goal that he has been introduced to in the very beginning.

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