Survivor Team Building Brisbane

April 25, 2016

team pose for the Survivor team building

Establishing leadership skills to both team leaders and members within the company may sound like a hard job but making it a fun experience for everyone will surely make it lighter. Allowing them to get involved in a series of activities that will hone their capabilities and skills in a natural way is plausible through team challenges.

Beyond the Boardroom has been designing corporate events and activities since 2005 and one of the most popular team building challenges that the clients prefer is the Survivor themed event. They come up with this event for clients who like to experience an encounter with nature while being trained with the elements of teamwork and leadership.

OBJECTIVE: As a tribe vs. tribe competition, the ‘Survivor’ is themed around the famous TV show of the same name. The activities for this event aims to develop team unity, resourcefulness, patience and good leadership as the team tries to win over the other tribe to gain immunity over the most feared tribal council.

LOCATION: The ‘Corporate Survivor’ is an outdoor event that can be held at any parks and other open spaces. Most of the clients prefer this activity while on the beach but if you want an indoor location for this activity contact Beyond the Boardroom today so that we can discuss and modify the event to suit your needs.

THE TRIBES: Beyond the Boardroom can accommodate small and large groups for the Survivor team building Brisbane. The number of tribe or groups that can be created for this activity usually depends on the location where it will be held. The experienced facilitator for the Survivor events usually creates at least two tribes for the team challenges.

THE CHALLENGES: Everyone can join the Survivor challenge! Beyond the Boardroom usually facilitates this team building activity to suit almost any physical capabilities. The team activities require the members to work hand in hand to be successful in every challenge. Without teamwork tasks will be impossible to complete easily. The challenge for each activity usually lies in how the tribes will manage to share their strength, knowledge and other skills.

We all know that there are diverse people that converge in everyone’s workplace. Managing them every day is a great challenge and is a hard task to maintain. Developing your team as one requires for them to think that they are one body. Challenging them the right way gives them the opportunity to grow and experience.

Knowing the right environment and the perfect tasks to improve your team’s skills is the task of every employer. Your business will flourish as long as your employees are continuously developing. The challenges in all team building activities that you let them experience can be directly adapted into their daily lives in the office. Equip your workforce with the right attitude of handling stress on the job and pressure from work. May it be a roll in the hay, a tug of war, running in the mud, race through the beach, or just a simple team dinner, your employees always needs a time off from the four corners of your boardroom. Give them a team building event that everyone can surely enjoy.

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