Team Challenges and The Exciting Adelaide Amazing Race

October 12, 2016

Today’s super team building event was staged around the city of Adelaide on a beautiful sunny day. NAB would be put through their paces in a number of team challenges and in the process have a whole lot of fun as the competed in Australia’s Amazing Race.

As the timer started on this race the NAB team would be put to the test on a race along the river Torrens in the iconic paddleboats. This challenge presented some funny moments as the teams bashed and crashed into each other trying to get the early advantage. The challenge almost saw the Fossils (green) going in for a quick swim to start the race, but they were fortunate enough to stay afloat and get around the course.

Team Delta Force (Navy Blue) would lead the group out into the first leg of the race which would see the teams racing North connecting with their spiritual side at St Peters Cathedral and then on to Adelaide’s famous restaurant Jolly’s Boat house before heading in a fun blindfold trust challenge in the Woman’s Pioneer Memorial gardens. The teams proved that trust was high in the group as they all raced through the challenge picking up their next clue.

The racers next leg would see them deep into the heart of the CBD with visits to the Art Gallery, Museum, a walk to the beautiful botanic gardens and then back through Adelaide’s premier shopping precinct. It’s at this stage the strategies really do come to surface in the transport challenge with numerous modes on offer through the streets of Adelaide. Red Baron (Red) and Fossils (Green) leading the way with some very creative modes being utilized including a cannon, skateboards, wheelbarrows and more.

The next checkpoint was a stop into Adelaide’s pancake house for a fun eating challenge and the mind altering problem solving challenge using paper and scissors. As the teams arrived this at the pancake house they teams chowed down on some very hot pancakes and then on the most part each team consulted Google for the answer to get their next clue. This leg saw the teams draw together with Blue Clues (Light Blue) and the Red Barons (red) catching up to the leading teams and leaving the result unknown as to who would win today.

The teams would then race through the foodie’s paradise in the central markets with some great commitment challenges including the famous bum burner eating challenge and then onto the finish line at the Metropolitan hotel. After all the teams arrived, including the surprising Salmon Trout’s (pink) who trailed all day, but brought it home in the last leg the results were tallied. Coming out on top today were the Fossils (green) showing their younger counterparts that there were still some advantages to being older and wiser. The ultimate factor being a massive 27 modes of transport taking them all the way to the trophy for today. Team Delta Force unfortunately were fast starters, but slow in the end taking home the wooden spoon.

Overall a great day with the team of NAB and another great team building event Adelaide in the record books.


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