ISS Zoo Treasure Hunt Team Building Adelaide

April 27, 2016

An afternoon of fun and team building was the scene of ISS Zoo treasure hunt and it started with the very colourful arrival of the 14 employees from various departments of ISS. Those colours were connected to aptly named Zoo animals and their soon to be worn bandannas. The aim of game was to test out their ability to track down answers in the Adelaide Zoo and also take some funny photos doing the best impersonation of some Adelaide zoo's monkeys, tigers and pandas and more. Also in the midst of the three loops of treasure hunting in Adelaide Zoo we also put their teams through their paces with some memory tests, trust exercises and problem solving team challenges.

It was very clear from the outset that we had some competitive spirit in the atmosphere and so after a short intro about team work and some insights into the dysfunctions of a team we got straight into the treasure hunt with a first up game of memory. On the whole the teams the Red Parrots, Blue McCaws, the Yellow Canary's and the Pink Flamingos were very closely matched and so the teams got underway on their first loop through the zoo with not much time between them.

The next 40 minutes would see the teams take on their different strategies and begin to track down the answers to our first lot of treasure questions. As the funny photos rolled in you could see the absolute commitment of the ISS crew to the task especially exemplified the variety of different ways you could ride a panda statue.

The next challenge was to test out how much the ISS team trusted one another. A lot can happen when you take away sight and get them trying to communicate to a common goal. The challenge showed a range of approaches from very fast to very cautious and strategic. All teams achieved the goal and certainly there were a few laughs from Flamingos, McCaws and the Parrots. The Canary's were all about getting the job done and as a result were first back in the zoo for another loop of treasure hunting.

The teams next embarked on a 30 minute challenge of tracking down some more zoo trivia and taking their photos to the next level with some really funny pictures that represented their teams and some of the icons of the zoo like George the Orangutan.

The teams final challenge before the sprint to the finish was a problem solving one. Teams put their minds to the test and their ability to google and as result the Flamingos and Parrots worked out the riddle and completed the task. The Parrots came up just short and the Canary's forgot about time management missing out on the challenge.

The last loop a 20 minute challenge saw the tempo go up and with their previous experiences of running around zoo they were able to track down the answers in no time. First to arrive were the Flamingos, followed by the Parrots, Canary's and bringing up the tail the McCaws. After the dust settled and questions were handed we saw the Canary's take home the coveted wooden spoon, Parrots and McCaw's just coming up short to the Pink Flamingos who proudly receive their 1st place honours and their trophy. Giving all their credit for the win to great team work and laughter.

Overall a great team building Adelaide event that saw the ISS crew with a few memories to share and some interesting insights to them as a team.

Written by Justin Monaghan


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