Making the Most Out of Your Team Building Sydney

July 4, 2016

Skills development team building Sydney

Months of work in the office often sucks out all the energy within your staff. They can be a bit cranky, hot headed and uncooperative when all the motivation for work has been spent. To remedy this situation, your team needs to spend a time off from work and enjoy. Here are some ideas that you could do to make the most out of your team building Sydney.


Volunteer work is not just for people who love charitable organization. This is a great opportunity that you can provide for your team to bond and give back to those who have less. Organizing fund raisers and team building for a cause will make your team more appreciative of what they have. Beyond the Boardroom offers team activities for a cause like the Bike Brigade, Cubby Crew and Hampers Direct.


This is a great reward activity for your team who always do their best! Allow your staff to experience nature in a relaxed way. Kayaking is generally a “doubles” activity. You can go for a friendly competition race and this will surely improve team work and fun. Give your team an off from the four walls of your office and make them experience a new scenery by taking them to some of Australia’s great canoeing or kayaking spots.

Cooking Class

Make them learn a new hobby. People with a lot of stress and worry may become depressed. One way to help them is to divert their attention to new things. Enroll your team for 2 – 3 hours of Cooking Class in one of Australia’s great cooking schools. Learning to cook with friends and colleagues will be much more fun than doing it alone. Enjoy the class and make those pans sizzle with delicious dishes!

Picasso Art Class

Team fun on an art class will be a blast! Free your staff’s schedule for the Picasso Art Class and delight them with experience of creative free flow when faced with colorful paints and a blank canvass. Make them work in teams to help foster team work and understanding.  

Creating Your Own Commercial

Conceptualizing, coming up with a story board, choosing the right music and acting are just some of the things that your team will experience when they choose the Create Your Own Commercial team event from Beyond the Boardroom. Quick idea generation and creativity will be required for this activity. Your team’s patience, compatibility and team work will also be tested during the commercial shoot.

Skills Development Workshop

This is not your ordinary development workshop! The 6 programs we offer will last an impression on your team for them to get motivated and inspired to do excel on their work and profession. Leadership workshops and increasing Personal Productivity are just some of the programs that we have. Encouraging your staff through skills development will further hone their knowledge and expertise on their roles. Keep in mind that the results of skills development trainings will always be beneficial to both your business and your team.

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