Western University Sydney Amazing Race

July 19, 2016

A chilly Sydney morning and few drops from the heavens was the stage that this Amazing Race Sydney presented for 35 young and keen employees from Western University. Todays race their would be 7 teams to race as the crew found their team mates and donned their team colours there was a high level of competitiveness that began to arise.

The race is a whole lot of fun, but would also test the teams in how well they would come together and avoid be the most dysfunctional team. As the team raced around the city their trust, commitment, accountability, conflict resolutions and attentions to the goal would be revealed.

The Darling quarter area, Chinatown and King St wharf was the first section of the race. Once the hooter sounded and teams burst out the gate with their blindfolds on and very little sight they undertook the blindfold pick up with little or no regard for their safety. No hesitation in this group! As the teams completed their challenge they were tested on their commitment with a weirdest food challenge at Chinatown and today did not disappoint with Pigs Blood, Chicken Feet, and some unusual dim sims on today's menu.

Once the racers navigated their interpretations of the dysfunctions and found an emu they embarked on a sea worthy journey past Goat Island, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the iconic opera house bringing a certain wow factor to this race. Awaiting them on the other side at Circular Quay was their clue, but not before a mind bender with the always entertaining Paper and Scissors challenge. It seemed that technology was the winner today with all team accessing the Internet. Except for the Red team who took the penalty hint in an aim of getting away quickly, but unfortunately it backfired and they finished last.

The last 2 legs would see a reverse on the first, with the Teams in Pink and Green turning their fortunes around and arriving first at the picturesque botanic gardens for the Water bottle challenge. As the teams filtered in it would see three main methods in order to empty their bottles. The first was the tree friends approach utilising the surrounding trees, the more conventional 3 rope method and finally Parliament House Fence assisted method.

Once the racers left the gardens it was on to see who would arrive at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the historic Rocks area. This leg would reveal the teams ability to persevere as their legs began to hurt and their strategies would be revealed at the end of the Race. Fast finishers team Navy arrived 1st, closely by Pink and Red then the rest only minutes after.

After all the teams checked in today's race result would certainly show that it worth having more strategies than the one and that was exemplified by the Navy Blue Team who were the fastest and the cleverest taking home the win. Special mentions must go to team White who narrowly missed out with 2nd place, Brown were the modes of transport Kings, including Trains, birds, automobiles. Green and Pink came home with speed turning their fortunes around from the poor start, and the Red team who put their early misfortunes and inattention to details behind them early in the race with a strong 3rd place finish. Bringing up the tail though this day were the Purple teams who proudly waved their last place wooden spoon momento.

A great day had by all and the Sunshine came out from the clouds as the Western University employees certainly leant at little more about improving team work and had a whole lot of fun doing it.


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