Top Reasons Why Your Team Fails

January 16, 2017

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Checking the reasons why your team keeps failing despite the numerous team building activities you’ve conducted is an indicator that you might have missed the fundamental factors of working in a team. Knowing that everyone puts forth their hard work and effort to complete a job is enough reason to step up and help them to succeed.

Here are some of the reasons why your team keeps on failing:

1. No Trust Among Team Members – Trust is continuously needed to fuel the teamwork. The moment that they become suspicious of each other, your team’s output or performance dwindles. Investing trust to each member of the team fuels the common goal that they want to accomplish. Trust functions as the cement that binds your team to make cohesive decisions.

2. Unproductive Meetings – Team meetings are design to discuss team strategies and plans that will counter issues and problems that comes along. However, the key determining factor that makes a meeting productive is the development of an innovative solution. Meetings usually eat up the time that should have been spent on other work. So before setting up a meeting, make sure that all other approach has been exhausted to make sure that you don’t waste hours just discussing a problem that could have been solved using another approach.

3. Undefined Work Roles – Every role in the team should be clearly defined for every member to properly function. Confusion in roles leads to conflicts within the team. Clearly defining the work roles helps in determining boundaries. Team work is like a puzzle that will give you a better picture if all pieces fit together.

4. Dropping the Focus on the Team’s Goals – Everyone needs a compass and in an organizational setup you need to be guided with the goals that have been established by the team. Not knowing where you are headed to is like driving with an unknown destination. It’s a hit and miss situation; and more often than not, your team will miss. Keep your team reminded of the goals so that their work will be geared towards it.

5. Poor Time Management – Juggling through work, deadlines and timeframes for projects will require each member of your team to be on their toes. Time management is a must especially when sticking to strict deadlines. Missing a thing or two in the work process will compromise your work. See to it that all members are your team is properly trained on the importance of establishing a work calendar that fits to the timeframe of the project that the team is working on.

Your team’s level of efficiency clearly mirrors the type of leader they follow. Helping the team and working along with them will surely help you in identifying other reasons which may have not been mentioned in the list above. If you’ve recently encountered a failure, lift up your team spirit by properly guiding them to success. Make this list as evaluating factors to see what went wrong when you were working on the project and make sure to correct the process next time.

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