Formula of Goal Setting

May 22, 2017

team building Sydney goal setting

Team goal setting allows the team to take full control of how they will benchmark themselves and how they will succeed. If your team already established a name with meeting deadlines then you can say that your team has time management and team work. A team result cannot only be done by one team member; everyone in the team must meet their deadlines. If your goal is to benchmark the team as the best, then everyone should work hard and go the extra mile in giving high quality results.

If you are in the process of setting goals, team building Melbourne listed some of the rules your team should follow for best results:

  1. Set goals to motivate each and everyone in the team. In setting a goal that will motivate everyone, it must be important. Make sure that the goal being set is important to everyone and not just to the leader of the team because it will be everyone's motivating drive. Focus on high priorities that need to be met and devote accordingly to each task.
  2. Put the goals into writing and place it where every team member can see. This makes the goals more tangible. It will be a daily reminder to everyone in the team to keep working and to stay motivated. As you accomplish some of the tasks, mark them as finished so everyone can see the progress the team is having.
  3. Make an action plan for the team. This is the most overlooked process in goal setting. Most teams focus on the outcomes that they forget to plan the step by step process it takes to meet the goal. If you are aiming to be the best team, it does not just happen by accomplishing one task and having great results. Being the best team means that you have to accomplish each and every task that comes in your team's way. It is completing every task with great results every time.
  4. Keep everyone's eye on the prize. Keep in mind that goal setting is an ongoing and slowly but surely progress. Keep reminding everyone in the team what you are all trying to achieve and keep everyone's head in the game. If there are road blocks that you encounter along the way, ask the team for help or if you see a team member struggling, have the initiative to help them out.

Achieving goals your team has set is the best feeling in a workplace. It builds a better relationship with each and every one and at the same time, it builds confidence. It improves the team work and productivity of every individual in the team. If you want to build stronger relationships with your team members, you can get in touch with Beyond the Boardroom for fun and exciting team building activities for your team. Contact Beyond the Boardroom now!

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