Team Building Tip: Earning Respect By Developing Expertise

May 15, 2017

team building Australia showing respect

Being a leader is a hard earned position that most people see as a privilege. If you are a leader and you feel that your team is following you out of fear, you have to let them know that you earned the position and it is not easy as it may seem. Team building Sydney designed activities to help leaders establish respect and at the same time gain authority to help out leaders who are struggling.

Expert power as a leader is not just an asset but it will also help you build your own brand and reputation that you can use to climb up the corporate ladder. If you are having a hard time building authority and earning respect, here are some ways that can help you out.

  1. Develop expertise within your team. Make sure that they know about your education, experience and most especially your accomplishments. You can simply do this by displaying some of your awards and certificates in your office and be careful not to overdo it. You do not have to display every award and accomplishment because it may look that you are bragging. You can display the best ones that will make them appreciate how you earned your position.
  2. Be credible and maintain it. If you are not well-informed about certain situations, avoid making careless and unnecessary comments. This can affect how your team members see you, if you make careless comments, they will think that you are not paying attention to what is happening in your team.
  3. Have a quick response to problems with confidence. Know how to direct and react when problems arise. You will establish firm leadership and expertise combined if you show them that you are capable of solving problems. You can apply your analytical thinking skills in solving the problem, they will see how you earned the position and they will know that it is not as easy as it may seem. Team building activities Sydney can help you respond to problems quickly if you are having a hard time doing so.
  4. Be informed and stay keen to details. Is important that you know what is happening in your team and the tasks they are working on. They will know that you are paying enough attention and you are looking out for the team.
  5. Accommodate your team members' concerns and appreciate your contributions. Accept their suggestions because it can help you make better decisions that can benefit the whole team. Thank and acknowledge them most especially if you used their ideas.
  6. Avoid intimidating other team member's confidence. The best way to avoid intimidating your team members is to avoid making comparisons. It can greatly affect your authority once you go below the belt since confidence is an important part in the workplace.

Being an expert in your own field is a great achievement but being a leader that shares the knowledge and expertise is far better. A leader knows that sharing expertise will not just help the team but it will lead to greater opportunities for each and every one. If you want more tips about being a great leader, read more from our blog!

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