Team Building Tip: Approaching Messy Work

May 17, 2017

team building Melbourne approching messy work

Messy work outputs are unavoidable in the workplace. Some of your team members may be in a lot of stress or are trying to meet the deadlines given. Another reason would be poor time management; the team member is all over the place and cannot focus on the task at hand because of the thought of meeting the deadline. Deadlines are one of the reasons that many teams get stressed out but if you are up for the challenge, deadline is just a word. Pressure should be used in a positive way and not as a roadblock in creating great results. Team building activities Melbourne creates activities that will improve the messy works to admirable results. Here are some tips on conquering messy work, avoiding mistakes, taking pride on the work done and building good habits that will go a long way.

Do a self-check and survey yourself first. Before you reach out to the challenged team member, ask yourself first if your expectations and standards are too high for them to meet. It may have been the best they were able to come up with and if that is the case, you need to give those more training rather than seeing it as a messy work.

Reach out to the challenged team member. There is a possibility that the team member does not know the weight and significance of the task and they are taking it too lightly. Talk to them in private and mention that you have been observing that their quality of work has declined. Always make them see your vision so they will be motivated because they understand the goal that the team is trying to achieve.

Always give feedback on their outputs and if they have done a great job, acknowledge them. You have to give them a feedback on the work they are submitting so they know what areas they need to improve on. If you have mentioned it to them a lot of times and you haven’t seen any changes at all, it’s time to reassess your approach and train them on what actions should be taken to avoid it from happening again.

Train the challenged team member if needed. If you see that there is no improvement after reaching out, it is possible that they are having a hard time with the task. Listen to what they are trying to tell you because they might have already told you what makes it hard for them. The training will make the challenged team member realize that their work is not yet the best they can give.  Once they know how to do it the right and there is a better way, you will get better results!

Match the challenged team member with someone who has already overcome the challenge and improved. Once you pair them together, the improved team member will be able to help the challenged team member by experience. The challenged team member will be able to see the fruits of great results and will avoid creating messy work.

If you are a leader, it is truly a great responsibility when it delivering exceptional results since the whole team is on the line. With some of our tips, it will help you cope with this matter and it will help you be a better leader. If you believe that you have done your best, maybe it's time to gather the whole team to discuss it and maybe have a team building activity to sort it out. Team building Sydney designed activities for these kinds of situations. Contact us now!

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