Servant Leaders: Placing Your Team Before Yourself

June 12, 2017

team building Australia servant leader

Leaders have different approaches to handling people. One way leaders lead a team is by placing the team first before themselves. This type of leadership is called servant leadership. Servant leaders give an extra mile in keeping decisions for the team that is beneficial to all. He takes the effort in seeing situations in each team member's perspective. They focus on their subordinate's needs and they acknowledge everyone's perspective in every matter. Team building Sydney has activities for leaders and teams to help them serve and lead at the same time.

Being a servant first before being a leader is said to be one of the most effective ways in developing a leader. A servant leader knows the struggles encountered by people below him and he knows how hard being a subordinate is since he was one too. A true leader knows how hard being a subordinate is most especially when the leader handling the team does not care at all about his team members. We have listed some of the characteristics of an effective servant leader.

They are good listeners. Leaders listen to his subordinates and he understands that they are trying to say. They pay full attention, they do not interrupt while you are talking and they give feedbacks on what you have brought up.

They are empathic. Once the leader understands the intentions and perspective, they do not brush it off. Servant leaders put their opinions aside and they approach situations using an open mind.

They are supportive. Servant leaders encourage his subordinates not just emotionally, mentally but also physically.

They are self-aware. Servant leaders know how to examine their self first and they know how their actions and their behaviors affect people around them.

They are persuasive. Instead of using authority to make people do some tasks, they use persuasion and encourages them.

They know how to conceptualize. Servant leaders know how to dream greater dreams for their team. They visualize what they want for each team member to achieve greater dreams.

They know how to foresee events. Servant leaders can anticipate what is most likely to happen in the team's future with the help of some learning from the past. They analyze what's on hand and they understand the outcomes of the decisions made by the team.

They take responsibility for the team. Servant leaders make themselves accountable for the performances and actions of each team member. They know what to stand for and what not to.

They are committed to the growth of each team member. Servant leaders know the training and developmental needs of each team member so they can do their tasks smoothly and effectively.

They build a sense of community inside the organization. Servant leaders do not limit the sense of community within the team but they let is spread through the whole organization. They do this by letting everyone in his team interact with everyone possible.

Servant leaders are more engaged and they enjoy the company of their team members. They put their team's interests before their own. Aside from the stronger trust and bonds, servant leaders, increase the team's innovation as well. If you want more tips in becoming a greater leader for your team, read more from our blog!

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