How To Motivate The Whole Team

April 5, 2017

team building Melbourne working as one

Most teams become unproductive because of the lack of motivation. Your team works according to what motivates them. The loss of interest and involvement with the tasks and projects of any member can be attributed to lack of motivation. Team leaders are continuously searching for the right formula on how to constantly motivate their teams. Some experts claim that team building Melbourne and other teamwork enhancing activities can help solve this problem easily. While others, resort to employee rewards program to motivate the team in meeting their goals.

There are a lot of ways to motivate your team and some processes does may not involve additional costs. Here are some ways that Beyond the Boardroom recommends:

  • Camaraderie – Enhance your team’s working relationships. This is a motivational factor that is often disregarded by most companies. Instead of focusing on rewards and program, you can scrutinize the working relationships of your employees. Internal conflicts within the team often causes rift at work. If a member of the team does not like the leader or any other member of the team, a decline on task productivity can be observed. Resolving team conflicts and providing your employees with benefits that the whole team can enjoy is a great way to improve camaraderie at work.
  • Provide supportive supervision – Nothing beats the feeling of having someone to support your back during hard times. Team leaders and managers nowadays are now becoming more aware as to how their behavior towards their team affects the productivity of the team. Professionals with higher support for their team create a better work environment for everyone and in turn become a person that motivates the team.
  • Inclusion – Do not isolate your team members. If you want your team to work as one, make sure that everyone is included in the realization of the team’s vision. The isolation of a member often happens during the role assignment. Make sure that you highlight the importance of team work no matter what role they are assigned. The feeling of insignificance is a demotivating factor that minor role players often face. Give them the bigger picture and allow them to see that each member fits in the picture no matter what role they play.
  • Get them involved – Another way to motivate your members is by tapping their creativity and challenging their skills. What pushes a person to perform better is the knowledge that there are more things that he can provide the team with. A person’s creativity is as endless as his thoughts. When it comes to this skill, the limit that you need to surpass is one’s imagination.

Intrinsic motivation is a sustainable way to drive your team’s productivity higher. Unlike monetary motivation, intrinsic motivation does not focus on the end goal. It provides your team with a learning experience that they personally develop through the process. Focusing on this type of motivating factors will allow your team to realize their importance to the company. After all, working on a task because you want is much better than working for it because you have to. Read more team building tips on our blog!

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