Team Building Sydney: 5 Important Traits of A Leader

March 15, 2017

team building Sydney with great leading team

You might have been wondering why the aura of your team leader appears to be different from the rest of the team. That commanding yet warm presence that your team leader possesses is not just an innate thing. It is a combination of experience, skills, knowledge and traits that have molded them to be professionals in the corporate world.

They too have conducted a fair share of leadership and team building Sydney event that made realize the missing elements for their much needed professional growth. Beyond the Boardroom Australia listed down the five most important traits that a leader should have.

  • Honesty – The authority that comes with the position as a leader needs is entailed with many responsibilities that will test a person’s character. A leader’s honesty is an important trait that most teams look up to. Most leaders fail to show this trait when they are faced with situations that requires them to own up to their failures. Displaying honesty, especially when it comes to your faults, makes you a leader that your team can respect and follow.
  • Forward-Looking – What leaders should do best is to guide the team to achieve the goals that they’ve set for the future. Having the insight of what needs to be done to achieve the goals towards your team’s success is a trait that every leader need. A leader should have a clear vision of the future and he also needs to have an established work flow that will help the team achieve it.
  • Being Competent – Competency is a trait that proves your knowledge, expertise and skills. It does not mean that you need to be an expert in every area of the business. Being competent is having the required skills for your team to see why you are in charge. People have the tendency to follow a person that shows confidence and competence, especially in the corporate world. Having the right attitude towards your know-hows and expertise often boosts your competence.
  • Inspiring – Most leaders who lacks charisma find it hard to be a source of inspiration for their team. When your team is experiencing failure and stagnancy, the leader should be able to lift up the team spirit. The first step to being an inspiring individual is to be able to communicate with passion. Having a person that works passionately and knows how to warm the team’s feelings with words that conveys deep conviction will make the teamwork last long.
  • Intelligent – Commit yourself to continued learning. Striving to be the best leader for your team also entails your commitment to teach yourself the latest technology and strategy that you can find useful for your team. Being able to keep up with the newest information available is helpful for your team. Reading and committing yourself to formal or informal learning is a way to show your team that leaders too can learn new things despite their expertise and skills.

No one can become a leader in an instant. Being the person that the team can rely upon to lead them to success is a great role that every leader needs to fill. For you to discover you inner leadership skills, contact Beyond the Boardroom now! 

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