Team Building Tip: Team Agreement

March 13, 2017

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Finding a way out of a conflict is a hard obstacle that every team needs to overcome. Some companies and businesses will organize team building Australia events outdoors to allow their employees to resolve conflicts with the help of team events professional in a different setting other than the four walls that encloses the team in the office.

Aside from team building and other team activities, we can also help resolve conflicts and reach team agreement with these great tips below:

  • Focus on what you want to achieve. If you want to create agreement between opposing parties within the team, you need to focus on the best possible outcome that will serve the interest of all parties involved.
  • Assign the right person for the right job. You be sure that the person you are assigning the task with agrees with you and is capable of doing so. This can lessen the mistakes that are bound to happen rather than risking it with another person who does not know how to get it done.
  • Make the person own the job. If the person owns the task given, there should be a given time frame of when it would be finished. You cannot rely on promises they are going to give because it will not give you the positive result you want to have.
  • Make them see the value of your vision. If they can see what you are aiming to do, they will be committed and they will go beyond what is expected.
  • Know the satisfaction in an achievement. If you are satisfied with the achievements you made, you are capable of sustaining the team as well as the business. You also need to appreciate each and every member of that team that helped accomplish the task.
  • Make each person in the team feel assured and safe. You need to acknowledge their concerns and doubts so they will feel comfortable in working in your team. If each member of the team feels safe and assured it will result to their full participation.
  • Keep learning on how to improve. You need to make sure that the team keeps on learning on how to improve working as a team. If the team keeps improving it will be easier for them to adapt in changes that may happen in the business
  • Take full responsibility of the outcomes. There is a saying “In every action there is a positive and negative reaction” that applies with the consequences of our actions. Agree as a team that whether the results of the actions are positive or negative you will take it as an opportunity for growth.
  • Resolve all conflicts. If there are conflicts in your team you cannot work as one unit. Have a team member mediate in resolving a conflict. Make sure that there are no conflicts existing in your team.

Agreement helps the team work efficiently and productively which will benefit not just the business but also the individuals working in the team. Build stronger relationships in agreeing. Follow these tips and you can come to a better agreement with your team.

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