Tour down Under, Bicycle based team building

April 7, 2020

bicycle based team building

Tours are of great recreational and economical purposes. It covers a beautiful and amazing glimpse of nature. These tour activities are very wonderful, and terrific, capable of triggering excitement and joy especially among members of a team. Its ability to cause amusement and togetherness makes it a potent team builder and an adventure worthy of incorporation.

However, these tours are usually carried out through various mediums, and one of these mediums is bicycle - based. The bicycle is a very steady medium and permits fun among team members.

Therefore the routine practice of bicycle based team building is a great way of igniting creativity, excitement and popular participation.

Below is an excellent compilation of exciting bicycle based activities that could be of great help in team building;

Charity bike building 

An excellent tour down activity that could be of great significance in team building, is building a bike for charity. This team building activity engages the creativity and skill of team members. Various materials ranging from tiny knots to bolts and wheels are designed among team members. These key parts are coupled and assembled into a beautiful set of bikes. These bikes are then donated to charity, sometimes they are given out to tackle the transportation lapses around such terrain.  

Wheelchairs in motion

Wheelchairs are wonderful bikes as well. Just like athletes race, wheelchairs can also be used for relays and even tour events. Apart from being a therapeutic measure for fractures, and spine disorder, it is also significant in team building activity. Wheelchairs in motion activate fun and togetherness among teammates, as members of the team race down the roads with wheels. Every member of the team is actively involved and interpersonal relationship amongst them is built by this wonder bicycle team building activity.

Cycling with legends

Building a team might be difficult and often met with serious resistance even among team members, but one way to get your team rolling together is bringing in great legends who have succeeded in their various field. This strategy is usually very effective, as team members would eventually be motivated. Bringing cyclists of great accomplishment, at regular intervals, not only rekindles the interest of team members but also the zeal of the team as a whole.

Flying with your bike  

A great team building activity is often engraved with suspense and excitement. This bicycle concept brings the team together, especially during the logistics setup. A lot of things is been accelerated by this activity, such as communication, creativity, skill and even self-esteem. Usually, this activity is slated as a mini competition between team members, which arouses a keen interest, and in turn, builds the interpersonal relationship of team members.

Bicycle workshop

As they say, no knowledge is a waste, but a utility for the unseen. Workshop events are standout events that enlighten and impart knowledge and skill among workers and members of a team. It improves communication, unity and unravels creativity amongst members. So, a trip to a bicycle based workshop helps tremendously in equipping us with knowledge about the parts of a bicycle. Also, in this workshop, there are practical sessions as well, which gives members of a team the chance to collaborate.  

Cycling Campaign

One of the greatest team building activities is the cycling campaign. Humanitarian campaigns such as campaigns against drug abuse, rape, and suicide often bring about togetherness, love, and interest among team members. Hence, bicycle based team building could demand such campaigns. These campaigns at first could look slow and ineffective but when practiced at regular intervals, pulls team members in togetherness. Also, it is a massive tool used in unraveling the skill and strength of team members. 

Bike Brigade

Like national and state parades, parades could as well be very effective when employed as a team building scheme. Brigade activities are usually exciting and very amazing to watch. No wonder bike brigades could also be employed as a wonderful team building activity. The tour down under could be converted to a semi brigade display by team members. Members of the team ride their bicycles down the road displaying their brigadier dynamism. This display requires meticulous planning and creativity before it is executed. Therefore, it unravels creativity, and skill, and also improves the working relationship between team members.

Cycling marathon

Marathon is very different from a normal race. This applies to cycling as well. It might look very abstract but cycling marathon is a very effective team building event. This marathon is often watched by different people on different lanes, which tend to increase the performance of team members. Also, cycling marathon unites the team members and improves the working relationship on an individual level. Self-esteem and confidence of team members are also improved.   

Philanthropic cycling 

One of the great ways of lighting up your team is philanthropic cycling. Members of the team are usually excited about this ordeal as it involves philanthropy and exhibition of humanity. Members of the team come together and tour down the city, taking lots of people on a free ride. Students, farmers, workers are offered free rides to their school, farms and various workplaces. This team building activity helps to foster a collaborative work culture, and build a strong interpersonal bond among team members. This activity is a very effective team builder. 


So much emphasis has been made on team development and team building in recent times, and today, firms and organisations are beginning to embrace this reality.

Today there are lots of activities that help improve the working relationship among members of a team. These numerous activities make selection a difficult task. However, the bicycle based building is not only effective in improving working relationships but also helps in engaging the intuition of team members.

The tour-down activities are very exciting and amazing. The ride down the streets might just be a key to upgrading the value of the members of your team. Adopt these activities for your team members and keep winning.

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